What type of partial denture is best for you?

Partial dentures require careful consideration depending on their durability, the location where they will fit, and more. Collaborate with your dentist when choosing the right partial dentures in Fort Collins for assured efficiency. Here is a quick brief on the various types of partial dentures to consider to enhance the quality of your smile.

Cast metal partial denture

In this type of removable denture, the individual teeth get fixed on a solid metal framework. The replacement teeth are acrylic in composition, guaranteeing their lasting efficiency and low maintenance. You can choose to incorporate cost-effective replacement teeth that attach via clamps to the crown of your teeth.

Acrylic partial dentures

If you seek budget-friendly partials to serve as a temporary replacement for your teeth, then consider the flippers. These removable partials are comparatively bulky, set in a pink acrylic base, and not as durable. They attach to your natural teeth through metal clasps and are most accommodating for speaking and chewing.

Flexible partial dentures

The flexible partials are an alternative to acrylic partials, made realistically with gum-colored clasps and heat-sensitive plastic in composition. This durable set of partials may get worn for years and readily accommodates within the natural spaces between your teeth.

Fixed bridge partials

You can consider this prospect if you require replacing a tooth or two and not the entire arch. Fixed bridge partials are permanent bridges that consist of replacement teeth set between two crowns. Your healthy teeth will get ground to prepare for the fixing of the fixed bridge.

Fixed bridge for implants

Similar to fixed bridge partials, this option is suited if you require replacing multiple teeth. Here, the fixed bridge gets supported by additional implants and not by the natural teeth. The initial investment may run high, but fixed bridge partials are a better option than traditional partials anytime.

Summing up

partial dentures in Fort Collins

There is never a single best option when choosing a partial denture. Take into account your specifications and needs before opting for one.